About Bonnie & Clyde

Who the heck are we? And why should you care?

Have you ever wondered what “About Us” pages are for? We did, too, and read up on them. Apparently, they are supposed to be about you, our customers, instead of about us.  Hmm…thought Bonnie and Clyde. Then why do we call the page, “About Us”?

Enough of that nonsense. We’ll make it about you, and about us, because if you don’t know who we are, you might be concerned about buying beautiful, quality BDSM furniture from us.

Bonnie and Clyde are real people. No, those are not our real names, but only because we have family members who would not approve of the stuff we build and sell (and use). Some of you may have the same problem, which is one of the many reasons we set up shop.

Our whole reason for being is to provide you with beautiful, handmade, quality bondage furniture. This furniture is easily assembled and disassembled, then stored unobtrusively right in its own shipping box.

Wait, that wasn’t exactly true. That is not our whole reason for being. No, the most important reason is that we want you to have a mind-blowing, exciting sex life. The other things mentioned before just allow more people to be able to acquire these things and keep them more or less, under wraps when relatives, nosy neighbors, and the like happen to stop by.

What you get when you order bondage furniture from Bonnie & Clyde, is high-quality, handmade, beautiful pieces of furniture designed to last for a very long time, and give you hours of pleasure. From real people, with real phone numbers and all that stuff. Just check our contact page.

For the record, Clyde began building furniture just for us many years ago. He began with the prototype of our Medieval Pillory Stock. Somehow we got involved in a conversation about kinky stuff, and Clyde revealed that he builds this sort of furniture. That conversation lead to Clyde’s first outside job.

Eventually, more and more people asked why we did not have a web store, so in 2011 we set one up, and here we are. We look forward to serving you for all your BDSM furniture needs!

~Bonnie & Clyde