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Bondage Cage

Many of our bondage furniture pieces have come about due to requests from potential customers. The beauty you see at the left is one of those! Clyde has thought about cages off and on for a long time, but until now he has not made one. We had a particularly persistent customer, and the cage you see here is the result.

As of this moment, it is still a custom piece, not yet offered on the site, but that will change soon. Hopefully in the next week or so. Clyde needs to put the finishing touches on the design as a regularly offered product.

Like all of the items we build, this one can be disassembled for storage (or hiding). Unlike others, however, it needs to be shipped in a custom-made crate and has to ship truck freight.

Stay tuned for more information coming soon! 

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Our Journey into BDSM & Bondage

If you’re reading this, you likely have an interest in BDSM and bondage. How did Bonnie and I become involved in it? Good question.

It all started when we bought a four-poster bed Four postermany years ago. Bonnie, presumably just joking around, wondered how it would be if I tied her to the posts. Just an offhand comment, no doubt we both thought. But I found myself thinking about it from time to time, and eventually came home with some rope, just to see how she would react. Continue reading Our Journey into BDSM & Bondage

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Bondage, Pleasure & Pain

Curved dungeon table to combine bondage, pleasure & pain.

Here at Bonnie & Clyde Bondage Furniture, we strive to keep an open mind about all things bondage and discipline. But how can bondage, pleasure & pain help with this? We recognize the fact that people can view BDSM from a variety of angles. They can be more, or less, involved in the lifestyle. People from every imaginable walk of life practice some form of BDSM just a little. Or, some build their whole lifestyle around it.

We have been open here about our own journey, along with our continued interest. We are not a full-blown sub/dom couple. Our BDSM activities, while likely far more involved than the average couple, we mostly reserve for our sex life. Continue reading Bondage, Pleasure & Pain

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Bondage Toys!

Firecracker RestraintsNote: Links to products at the Stockroom are affiliate links.

It’s time to do another bondage toys post. Things are ever-changing in the sex toy world, though of course much remains the same. After all, there are tried and true toys, as well as furniture. But, it’s always fun to find out what is new on the world of bondage toys.

With that in mind, we checked out our trusty friends over at The Stockroom to see what was new. I have said before, and will continue to say, they have the utmost integrity, the background, and staying power in the toy business. You just can’t beat their selection and innovation. Continue reading Bondage Toys!

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Fetish Club, Anyone?

9-19 blogWhat’s a fetish club, you ask? At Bonnie & Clyde Bondage Furniture, we tend to think that most of our customers are more or less like us, but that may not be the case. We’re pretty…no, make that very…clandestine about our proclivities (two big words in one sentence), so we don’t visit BDSM clubs and the like, except to build furniture for some of them, so, we figure some of our customers might visit them. Continue reading Fetish Club, Anyone?