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Bondage Toys!

Firecracker RestraintsNote: Links to products at the Stockroom are affiliate links.

It’s time to do another bondage toys post. Things are ever-changing in the sex toy world, though of course much remains the same. After all, there are tried and true toys, as well as furniture. But, it’s always fun to find out what is new on the world of bondage toys.

With that in mind, we checked out our trusty friends over at The Stockroom to see what was new. I have said before, and will continue to say, they have the utmost integrity, the background, and staying power in the toy business. You just can’t beat their selection and innovation. Continue reading Bondage Toys!

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Fetish Club, Anyone?

9-19 blogWhat’s a fetish club, you ask? At Bonnie & Clyde Bondage Furniture, we tend to think that most of our customers are more or less like us, but that may not be the case. We’re pretty…no, make that very…clandestine about our proclivities (two big words in one sentence), so we don’t visit BDSM clubs and the like, except to build furniture for some of them, so, we figure some of our customers might visit them. Continue reading Fetish Club, Anyone?

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Custom Bondage Furniture For Your Dungeon Room

Basement 002A customer recently contracted with us to furnish a complete basement filled with custom bondage furniture. We had pictures and dimensions of the room, and this customer wanted one of each item we build. This got us to thinking about those people who have the luxury of an extra room. They can actually keep their BDSM furniture assembled (and ready) at all times. Continue reading Custom Bondage Furniture For Your Dungeon Room

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Thoughts on Domination and Submission


We have spoken before on the subject of BDSM.  Why is it that some people (not just women) want to be dominated? Is it just about sex? The answer to the second question is “no.” I have seen too many bondage videos that don’t end in sex. Personally, I find that difficult to understand, as does Bonnie, but if we have learned anything during the years we have been selling bondage furniture, it is that everyone is different.
Continue reading Thoughts on Domination and Submission