Discipline Post


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Here is Clyde’s newest creation, the Discipline Post. Bonnie wrote about it in a recent blog entry, and it has fast become one of her favorites. All of our products are quite versatile, but this one has seemingly limitless possibilities. First, the submissive can stand, kneel, or sit, and all these positions can be either facing forward or backward, AND, with the post itself pointing toward, or away from the sub.

Our example in the pictures is made from select hardwood, finished with cherry stain. As Bonnie mentioned, however, it looks great unfinished as well.  We think this could become a customer favorite. For all it can do, it is relatively unobtrusive.  Clyde has put a hitch ring on the top of the post, and then four anchor points around the bottom of the frame.

Dimensions: 36″ square base, 46″ tall.


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Weight 94.00 lbs
Dimensions 49 × 25 × 13 in



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