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Well, well! Clyde has produced a new product called the Discipline Table. We love the design, not to mention the usage (you do know we test all the products, right?). There are many ways to use this piece, and your imagination is the only thing that limits you. For example, the original picture for this idea had the sub’s head at the same end as the poles. Her feet were up and shackled to the top of them; wrists shackled to the anchor points toward the other end.

This configuration puts your sub at quite the vulnerable position. You will have more fun than you can even imagine.

As with all of our furniture, you can specify custom dimensions. If you want it lower (or higher), we can accommodate that.

Comes with a deluxe 2″ pad, standard.

30″ high, 30″ long, 20″ wide for the pad.

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Weight 79 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 24 × 12 in



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