New Sawhorse Products

4654-Classic SawhorseA1_Classic Sawhorse with Slanted Top AdditionC1_Classic Sawhorse with Wooden Pony AdditionWe finally did it! It took longer than we expected to get everything settled and configured, not to mention built and photographed, but we now have the updated and new Classic Sawhorse products. For those of you who have purchased a sawhorse from us, you may now also purchase a Wooden Pony Addition or Slanted Board Addition (this has always been an option).

Sound complicated? It really is not. We now have a Classic Sawhorse, which is a basic sawhorse with no pads. You can see that here. Then, you can add to that the pads (which would make it equivalent to our former Classic Sawhorse), or the Slanted Board, or the Wooden Pony. Or all three, or two of them…you get the picture.

To make this as simple as possible, here are the options:

  1. Classic Sawhorse
  2. Classic Sawhorse with Pads
  3. Classic Sawhorse with Slanted Board
  4. Classic Sawhorse with Wooden Pony

Besides those, if you have previously purchased one of the four options above, you can then add:

  1. Pads addition for the Classic Sawhorse
  2. Slanted Board Addition for the Classic Sawhorse
  3. Wooden Pony Addition for the Classic Sawhorse

The Sawhorse is by far our most popular piece of bondage furniture, and with good reason. It is quite versatile in its own right, what with all the different positions possible, and now we have made it even more so. You can essentially have 3 unique pieces of bondage furniture, all on the same base, taking up very little extra space.


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